The No Cavity Club, Making Children’s Dentistry Fun

At Drs. Heringhaus General Dentistry we like to make pediatric dentistry (children’s dentistry or kid’s dentistry) fun and rewarding when we can.

We feel it is very important to teach and motivate young people to take good care of their teeth. For this reason we have a No Cavity Club for young people who have had their teeth cleaned and have no cavities.

While all kids get to pick a small gift from the prize room after their appointment, a patient with no cavities has an individual picture taken which is then posted on our No Cavity Club bulletin board. At the end of each month one picture is chosen  and becomes the No Cavity Club winner of the month.

The winner receives a Barnes and Noble gift certificate.

From your child’s first dental appointment to their ongoing treatment throughout childhood and adolescence, Drs. Heringhaus can help with your pediatric dentistry needs. Call our office at 419.524.7409 if you have further questions or to schedule an appointment.

Barnes & Noble