Pediatric Dentistry

Building Healthy Smiles for Children of All Ages

At Drs. Heringhaus General Dentistry, we understand the importance of instilling good oral hygiene habits in children from a young age. That’s why we offer pediatric dentistry services that cater to the unique needs of our young patients. Our friendly and personable team is dedicated to creating a fun and enjoyable dental experience for children of all  ages.

Schedule your child’s dental appointment today and help them build a foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles.


Why are regular dental visits
important for kids?

Regular dental visits help maintain your child’s good oral health and prevent problems before they become more serious. Children’s teeth are still developing, and regular checkups can:

Are you wondering
what to Expect?

When you bring your child to visit Drs. Heringhaus, here’s what you can expect during your visit.

Join the No Cavities Club!

At Drs. Heringhaus General Dentistry we like to make pediatric dentistry (children’s dentistry or kid’s dentistry) fun and rewarding when we can.

We feel it is very important to teach and motivate young people to take good care of their teeth. For this reason we have a No Cavity Club for young people who have had their teeth cleaned and have no cavities.

While all kids get to pick a small gift from the prize room after their appointment, a patient with no cavities has an individual picture taken which is then posted on our No Cavity Club bulletin board. At the end of each month one picture is chosen and becomes the No Cavity Club winner of the month.

The winner receives a Barnes and Noble gift certificate.

From your child’s first dental appointment to their ongoing treatment throughout childhood and adolescence, Drs. Heringhaus can help with your pediatric dentistry needs. Call our office at 419.524.7409 if you have further questions or to schedule an appointment.

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What Our Patients Say

We have been coming to Heringhaus Dental for years! My kids and I absolutely love them there! I cannot say enough good things. From the hygienists, to the cavity club, to the dentists. We love them and their kindness, smiling faces and welcoming atmosphere! Not to mention they do a wonderful job on your teeth.
Kristen F.
They're great dentists! My kids go there and they love it! They award the kids if they don't have cavities and put their pictures up on the wall. It makes them feel so special!
Jennifer V.
Drs. Heringhaus General Dentistry

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